Lianne Abrogar Asuncion

Lianne Abrogar Asuncion
Head of Organizational Development

Lianne Abrogar Asuncion is a seasoned HR professional with an extensive 15-year tenure dedicated to various HR facets, including Training, Recruitment, and ultimately, Organizational Development (OD). With a concentrated focus on OD, Lianne has spearheaded projects encompassing Job Evaluation, Competency Development, Succession Planning, and Performance Management, demonstrating her depth of expertise in this critical domain.

Driven by a passion for international impact, Lianne aspires to elevate her OD career to a global scale, leveraging her wealth of experience and knowledge to effect positive change on an international level.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Lianne finds joy in photography, travel, literature, and outdoor activities like biking. She cherishes quality time with loved ones, indulging in coffee meet-ups with close friends and creating cherished memories with her family at home. 

In her current role as the Head of Organizational Development at Tonik, Lianne continues to exemplify leadership and innovation, contributing to the company's growth and success while remaining dedicated to her personal and professional growth aspirations.