Ready to make your business mark in the Philippines?

Our expert consultants guide you through the intricacies of market entry, helping you choose the optimal legal structure, navigate regulatory landscapes, and secure the necessary permits efficiently. We don't just set up businesses; we pave the way for enduring success.

Market Entry Consultation

We provide thorough consultation services to help you understand the local business landscape, regulatory requirements, and market nuances, ensuring informed decision-making.

Entity Structuring

Our experts assist in determining the most suitable legal structure for your business, whether it's a local corporation, branch office, or representative office, aligning with your goals and compliance needs.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Lennor Metier provides ongoing corporate secretarial support, managing compliance requirements, board meetings, and maintaining statutory records, allowing you to focus on core business activities.

Tax Advisory Services

Our team offers comprehensive tax advisory services, optimizing your tax structure to maximize efficiency and minimize liabilities in accordance with Philippine tax laws.

Recruitment Strategy

Lennor Metier develops a tailored recruitment strategy aligned with your business goals, ensuring access to top talent to drive your company's success from the start.

Permit Acquisition

We expedite the acquisition of necessary permits and licenses, including business permits, licenses from regulatory bodies, and other clearances essential for smooth operations.

Registration and Documentation

We handle the intricate paperwork, guiding you through the registration process with local authorities, ensuring compliance with all legal and regulatory obligations.

Beyond Incorporation

Lennor Metier Consulting goes beyond just incorporating your business. We can also assist you with
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Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Building your team with top Filipino talent.
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Market Entry

Developing and implementing a successful market entry strategy for the Philippines.
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Compliance and Regulatory Support

Ensuring your business adheres to all relevant Philippine laws and regulations.
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Bridging the gap between your company's culture and the Filipino business environment.

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The Philippines offers a dynamic and growing economy with a young, educated workforce, and a strategic location in Southeast Asia. By partnering with Lennor Metier Consulting, you can leverage our expertise and network to confidently enter the Philippine market and achieve your business goals.