Kim Morano

Kim Morano
Co-Founder & Head of IT at MedGrocer

Kim Morano, a multi-talented trailblazer defying boundaries in healthcare and technology.

A pharmacist, developer, community leader, and open-source contributor, Kim embodies versatility and innovation. As Head of IT and Design at Medgrocer, she seamlessly blends her diverse skillset with a passion for healthcare tech, pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Kim's story underscores the power of interdisciplinary excellence. In a world where disciplines converge, she bridges the gap between healthcare and technology, propelling Medgrocer forward and inspiring others to embrace collaboration.

Kim serves as a role model for aspiring women in STEM. Her commitment to open-source contribution exemplifies the spirit of Women's Month, fostering a more inclusive and collaborative future for science, technology, engineering, and math.