Kathie Tardio

Kathie Tardio
ASEAN Marketing Lead

Kathie Tardio brings a wealth of experience with a dynamic career spanning 20 years in sales and marketing, particularly in the building automation, lighting, safety, security, infrastructure, transportation, energy, and commercial sectors. Having been stationed in Indonesia for the past 9 years, Kathie possesses extensive regional exposure.

Demonstrating a robust track record, Kathie has excelled in establishing and nurturing strong relationships with key stakeholders. Her expertise lies in introducing innovative solutions to the market, notably in the fields of IoT, AI, and SaaS for smart buildings, cities, and industries.

Serving as a liaison to the global marketing team, Kathie coordinates regional business development efforts alongside sales teams and builds strategic partnerships with customers, consultants, and government and private influencers. Kathie holds certifications in content marketing, social media, SEO foundations, and more, acquired through LinkedIn.

Passionate about roles related to business and country leadership, B2B marketing, product management, business excellence, and business development, Kathie Tardio is driven by the desire to connect people with a common purpose, nurture talent, and make a positive impact on the community and the world. Her entrepreneurial mindset and servant leadership style enable her to create value and deliver results.