Giselle Arellano - Geronimo, CPA, MBA, CMAer

Giselle Arellano - Geronimo, CPA, MBA, CMAer
Head of Finance, Vice President Finance, Accounting & Procurement at Shearwater CPO®

Giselle, a seasoned finance and procurement expert with over two decades of experience, epitomizes the spirit of an empowered Filipina leader.

Her journey began as a top auditor, where she quickly established herself as a networking finance leader with a blend of analytical prowess and strategic vision. Over the years, she has climbed the corporate ladder, demonstrating mastery across all aspects of finance and accounting.

Her global mindset is evident in her leadership of teams across various regions, driving success on an international scale. Beyond finance, Giselle's passion extends to procurement, where she seamlessly integrates her financial acumen to optimize processes.

Her zest for life transcends the boardroom. From dancing and hiking to pickleball and family time, Giselle embraces a well-rounded lifestyle.

Giselle's stellar credentials solidify her position as a force to be reckoned with. Ranking 6th in the Philippine CPA Board Exams and holding an MBA and CMA certification, she exemplifies dedication, expertise, and a passion for life.