Audrey Pe

Audrey Pe
Female Investor Track Fellow

Audrey Pe, Visionary leader Audrey Pe ignited her passion for diversity and inclusion early, becoming a trailblazer for women in STEM fields. At a young age, she founded WiTech, an international nonprofit organization now boasting 26 chapters across 10 countries, to empower youth through technology and shatter gender barriers in the tech industry.

Under Audrey's guidance, WiTech has become a global hub for change-makers. The organization educates, inspires, and empowers young individuals to harness technology for social good, leaving a lasting impact on their communities. Recognizing the vital intersection of technology and education, Audrey pursued a major in Science, Technology, and Society at Stanford University, with additional minors in Education and English. Her dedication to equity extends to her research assistantship under Professor Christine Wotipka, focusing on projects that promote inclusivity in education.

A captivating speaker, Audrey has empowered audiences on prestigious platforms like TEDx, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, and the United Nations. Her inspiring voice has resonated with readers of Forbes and CNN Philippines, amplifying her message of empowerment and advocating for global change. Beyond captivating talks, Audrey's influence is evident in the 2020 United Nations Girls Education Initiative documentary which prominently featured her work, solidifying her legacy as a catalyst for positive change.

With unwavering passion and determination, Audrey continues to inspire the next generation of leaders, paving the way for a brighter future where STEM fields are more equitable and inclusive.