HR's Focus on Hiring Persists Amid Slower Recruiting Pace

John Cruz
Published on
October 10, 2023
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The dynamics of the labor market are evolving, signaling a more sustainable equilibrium as wage growth gradually cools off. According to economists at Indeed, this shift is paving the way for a recalibration in the world of hiring and recruitment. In this article, we delve into the insights provided by Indeed's Hiring Lab report, published on August 1, 2023, to better understand the current state of job postings, bonuses, and the ongoing battle for talent.

The Resilience of Job Postings

Despite a noticeable decline, job postings on Indeed remain elevated compared to pre-pandemic levels. This persistence suggests that demand for workers continues to outstrip supply in various sectors. In June 2023, approximately 5% of job postings included a signing bonus as part of their offerings. Although this figure represents a decrease from its peak of 5.6% in September 2022, it still stands significantly higher than the pre-pandemic average of 1.8%.

The Power of Signing Bonuses

Recruiters are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to attract top talent, with signing bonuses playing a pivotal role. According to Cory Stahle and Nick Bunker, economists with Indeed's Hiring Lab, the use of signing bonuses has surged, nearly tripling since early 2020. This substantial increase underscores the fierce competition among employers to secure skilled candidates. The healthcare and in-person job sectors have witnessed the most significant growth in signing bonuses, with healthcare professionals experiencing a fivefold increase in bonuses since 2019.

In-Demand Roles

Certain roles, especially in sectors like trucking and logistics, have resorted to substantial signing bonuses to mitigate labor shortages. This strategy reflects the extent to which employers are willing to go to attract and retain workers, even as overall wage growth begins to taper.

Steady But Slower Growth

While job postings are down 16% year over year, they remain 29% higher than pre-pandemic levels, painting a picture of continued robust demand for labor. Layoffs, on the whole, remain low, despite some fluctuations in specific sectors such as technology and media. Unemployment rates are also at historical lows. However, the quit rate, which measures voluntary departures from jobs, is beginning to decline. This shift may signify a further moderation in wage growth.


The data from Indeed's Hiring Lab report underscores the resilience of the job market, with demand for workers still strong, albeit at a slightly slower pace. Signing bonuses continue to play a pivotal role in attracting talent, especially in healthcare and in-demand sectors. As the labor market evolves, HR professionals remain focused on finding innovative ways to secure the best candidates, even as wage growth adjusts to a lower gear.