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​The manufacturing industry is expected to expand in the Philippines to become globally competitive, innovative, inclusive, and to lead an increase in value-added services. The implementation of the Manufacturing Resurgence Program (MRP) by the Department of Trade and Industry, has made local industries become more developed and play a key role in the acceleration of the national economy. This also leads to an increase in the employment rate within the manufacturing industries.

Local industries are moving at a steady pace to expand the domestic market. Ensuring and maintaining quality in manufactured products will keep the sales going. More companies have even turned to incorporate sustainability in their products which adds more satisfaction to their target market.

With a fast rate of innovation in product and technology worldwide, the Philippine industries have to keep up with trends that are dominating the global market.

Lennor Metier Team works closely with local and multinational companies in hiring technical professionals in the following areas:

  • Electronics and Semiconductor

  • Chemicals

  • Packaging

  • Agribusiness

  • Automotive

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