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​Engineering and architecture firms made immense development throughout the years making almost every structure and concept possible through the use of building equipment and machines. The emergence of technology has aided engineers in construction projects and various production of consumer goods. Our world is entirely unimaginable without the creativity and combined practicality of our engineers.

There are various achievements already in the engineering sector, from the invention of robotics to designing infrastructures, equipment or furniture, or even the discovery of renewable energy. Life in the modern setting was made easier through invention and technology. Talented minds won’t stop in the pursuance of discovery and innovation.

Occupations in the local engineering sector are currently on high demand for the completion of innumerable projects in the Philippines. We have recruiters that can support your business within the Engineering industry.

Let Lennor Metier Consulting Philippines, Inc. help you in the following areas of Delivery:

  • Construction

  • Building Materials

  • Property Management

  • Mining

  • Real Estate

  • Power and Energy