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Consumer Goods

​Different products in this modern age are making their way to sustain long-lasting relationships with their customers. The challenge that comes with this is how to place a product to identify with its target market, to create an impression that is distinct from competing brands. Constructive strategies to engage consumers are executed by industries as a key for raising consumer goods consumption.

The Philippines' growth outlook remains positive for the next five years, and consumer spending power remains resilient thanks to the country's youthful and vibrant consumer market. Lennor Metier has the experience and market know-how to execute sourcing solutions for the consumer markets in the Philippines. 

Lennor Metier’s Specialists can help you in filling roles for the following sectors:

  • Retail

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods

  • Advertising

  • Entertainment

  • Cosmetics

  • Food Services

  • Food and Beverages

  • Hospitality

Examples of requirements that Lennor Metier Consulting Philippines Inc. have conducted within the above areas:

  • General Manager

  • Head of Operations

  • Modern Trade Manager

  • General Trade Manager

  • Marketing Director

  • Key Account Manager

  • Brand Strategist

  • Customer Development Head

  • Product Manager