Recruitment during Pandemic

29 September 2020 King Santos

Recruitment During Pandemic (1)

Despite the fear and uncertainty, businesses are trying to remain positive during this pivotal period. HR leaders and hiring managers face a new reality in recruitment and need to adapt to the new normal, especially transitioning offline to online interviews. Based on Jobvite, 58% of people are now using social media networks like LinkedIn to connect with potential hires. Online job interviews are nontraditional but are on the rise and becoming the norm. 

Recruitment takes time and dedication to get the right talent. Here is a few advice on efficient recruiting during a pandemic:


Be Clear on What Are You Looking For

Before advertising your job, determine first precisely what skills you need the new hire to have. Prepare a complete and honest job description. It should be direct and to-the-point so that it is crystal clear what candidates fit your requirements.



Given the current challenges around the face-to-face meeting, an Online interview is an absolute win in this situation and can significantly help organizations ensure hiring continuity.


Employer Brand

Update your website or social media; an excellent visual may attract people to make them scroll and see more. In this era, people browse and find something quickly on the internet. Candidates spend their time researching your company. They may access your website to get the company information; what your company does, and why your company is a great place to work. Be true to your core. 


Feedback matters

After an interview, a candidate waits for your decision. Give them your honest feedback, consistently communicate, and move along quickly if you find the right person for the role.  



Most of the job seekers now have lost their jobs due to the pandemic situation. As HR practitioners, let us always be reminded that a little empathy goes a long way. The famous proverb

 "never criticize a man before you walk a mile in his shoes" 

couldn't be more applicable to the recruiting profession.


We don't know when or how long the pandemic will last but don't let the crisis halt you from recruiting as this will eventually pass.


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