The importance of forging recruitment partnership in the ever-changing global workforce market

15 April 2020 King Santos

The Importance Of  Forging Recruitment Partnership In The Ever Changing Global Workforce Market

Gaining new customers is one of the many reasons for forming partnerships. A partnership could signify that your business would have unique access to new products, reach a new market, blocking a competitor (through exclusive contracts), or an increase in customer loyalty. At the same time, some organization uses the value of partnerships to strengthen the weaker aspects of their operations. They see strategic partnerships as an attribute to efficiency. 

For us, the main aim of alliances is to gain real synergy of one plus one equals six instead of two. We want our partnerships to strengthen the weak aspects of our business.

We strive to identify our customers’ pain points quickly is one way to help our partners solve their human resources related challenges efficiently.


Want to get started? Here’s how you can:

Start by mapping a plan. What is the purpose of forming a business partnership?

  • Determine prospective partners. A few points to consider when doing so:
    • Brand alignment. Do they share similar brand values? Are the cultures of your companies similar?
    • Delivery Commitment. Ensure you have the means and capabilities to deliver your service commitment.
    • Target audience. The company must have the same customer profile as yours.
  • Pitch your idea to the prospect. A true collaboration has to be win-win. Everyone has to benefit and layout the benefit for both parties.
  • Determine objectives and metrics. It’s better to set parameters in the beginning, rather than let a partnership fail because of unreasonable expectations.
  • Don’t be afraid to get started. If you have substantial market know-how and a compelling value proposition, let that speaks for itself.

If the points above hit close to home for you, then you’re in the right place to be considering a partnership with us at Lennor Metier.

In our business, we meet a lot of prospective clients who ask us a lot of questions like “How big is your agency?”, “What’s your typical turnaround time?” “What kind of services can we expect from your agency for our future projects?”


One of the more different questions we rarely expect is, “Why should we choose your company over anyone else?”

  1. We let our work speak for itself

For us at Lennor Metier, nothing speaks louder than meeting and continues completing our work at the highest level. It shows our clients we have a well-established process and that we can manage the account. We have the intellect to think strategies through and communicate with you.

  1. Our idea of our ideal client

We invest time and resources in understanding your requirements and align our experience and market know-how to bring sophisticated value to the service we provide.

  1. You’re not just another client to us

We get it done. We tailor everything we do around you and your needs

  1. We work harder (and have the results to prove it)

We understand that we’re in a business where relationships are the main core foundation and how we go out and beyond our ways to foster them with our clients.

  1. We constantly innovate

We strive for continual innovation, not instant perfection in delivering professional services.


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