Preventive measure to steer clear of COVID-19

11 March 2020 King Santos

Covid Preventive Measure

The fatal coronavirus disease known as COVID-19 has taken the world by storm, surpassing 100,000 of confirmed cases worldwide. The virus can quickly spread by touching contaminated surfaces, or it can be airborne. Countries are forced to immediate action, including the recent proclamation of President Rodrigo Duterte for the suspension of all levels in Metro Manila, with some parts in CALABARZON following the suspension. The rise of COVID-19 cases in the country has affected not only people’s lifestyle or the education of students but also the workplace. 


The health of every member in the workplace is a top priority in every company. Remember to carry these preventive measures wherever you go: 


Sanitize your hands, face and body, and your surroundings daily. 

Frequent washing of hands, face, or body helps reduce the chance of bacteria sticking to your body. Directly applying Isopropyl Alcohol or any disinfectant (make sure it has at least 60% solution) also works if there is no comfort room nearby. Make sure to clean and disinfect surfaces you usually touch, whether at home or at your workplace, to keep yourself clean from any form of dirt.  


Avoid physical interactions as much as possible. 

It is customary to greet one another with physical interactions. But while COVID-19 is still spreading among communities, avoid close contact for the time being, especially if you have a decline in health, which gives you a higher risk of infection. Avoid being surrounded by crowds of people, or, if not, maintain a safe distance from every individual. 


If you have any sign of sickness, opt to wear a mask. 

Health experts advise the wearing of masks only for those who are sick. The proper usage of the facemask prevents further spread of infection to the people around an infected person, even wearing a mask at home is recommended to avoid infecting family members. If you know you have any signs of sickness, also if it is not related to the coronavirus symptoms, it is best to wear a mask to ensure others of their health safety. 


Only procure what is necessary, but not too much. 

People are making immediate actions to buying bulk items in fear of having a city lockdown. But don’t let panic overtake you when strolling in the groceries. It is good to pick things that you and your family would need, buy some masks, some food and disinfectants, but leave some supply for others too who would need it the most. 


Seek medical help when symptoms show. 

Don’t hesitate to call a doctor or to consult with a medical professional if you feel that you or someone else’s health is not improving. Better to be checked by a medical professional if one has symptoms than to allow more infections in the community. 


Up to date, there are more than 150,000 confirmed cases, with more than 80,000 coming from China. In the Philippines, there are more than 100 confirmed cases as of March and 600+ patients who tested negative for the COVID-19.  


As a responsible citizen, don’t just rely on and spread information based on sources you get from word of mouth or social media as it only tends to cause mass panic. Read and get updates from reliable reports which provide verified information and transparency. Just remember to apply these tips to keep as safe as possible.