Philippines Makes Outstanding Record with Most Women in Executive Business Positions

08 March 2020 King Santos

Philippines Makes Outstanding Record With Most Women In Executive Business Positions

Women also have what it takes to become leaders in their respective industries.


In commemoration with the anticipation of the International Women’s Day, we recognize the pride and leadership of Filipino women as the Philippines topped the charts in the Grant Thornton International’s 2020 Women in Business report.

Grant Thornton conducts one of the world’s leading mid-market business surveys, interviewing approximately 5,000 senior executives biannually in listed and privately held companies, including the report on gender diversity in senior management.


Among 32 countries that took part in the survey, the Philippines has the highest percentage, with forty-three percent (43%) of women occupying senior management positions, surpassing South Africa, Poland, Mexico, US, UK and several other countries in the globe. Twenty-nine (29%) percent of women currently hold executive positions in business on a global scale, showing immense growth from 2011, which garnered a total of twenty percent (20%).


More Filipinas are stepping up to make a mark in professional industries, empowering women who feel burdened to take leadership positions at executive firms. Iza Calzado is one of the leading women who raise the morale of Filipinas as an actress and a co-founder of “She Talks Asia,” which advocates for empowering the female community. Angeline Tham makes a difference as the founder and CEO of the motorcycle taxi service app Angkas which has created an impact on the current Philippine generation. Mica Tan also inspires the young individuals for being the founder of the private equity firm MFT Group at the young age of 19. This serves as a reminder that every woman striving for passion, excellence, and dedication, has the potential to become great leaders in executive firms.

In the local data from the Women in Business report, the top three senior management positions that women hold are the Chief Finance Officer (CFO) position at 38%, Human Resource Director at 36%, and Chief Operating Officer at 23%.


The 2020 International Business Report (IBR) research also shows that 94% of Philippine firms are making an effort to remove gender parity, especially at senior levels. The initiative would mean that several industries are breaking down barriers, immersing a more inclusive culture, and providing better opportunities to executive search, regardless of gender.


More industries are looking forward to seeing women take higher senior management positions soon. Lennor Metier ensures equal access to passionate individuals, men, and women who are stepping up for an executive position and are ready to lead a company towards its growth and development, as well as offer recruitment solutions to several trusted and leading industries in the Philippines.