7 Activities To Improve Your Skills while at home

20 March 2020 King Santos

7 Activities To Improve Your Skills While At Home

We may be living with social distancing for a month-long, or who knows; this might last longer under health safety circumstances. All we need is patience while we stay remote in our places. If you are looking for something productive, try to add these seven simple activities at home to improve your soft skills without the use of an internet connection. 


1. Clean and Organize, then reorganize the next day. You can do this for at least 30 minutes a day. There might even be that money in your jacket pocket, waiting to be found five years later.

Skills at work: Attention to Detail, Physical Organization


2. Cook a new recipe. You can try to add some herbs that could make a difference to a simple recipe. If you’re one of those who still don’t

know how to cook, well finally you have this chance to learn what you should’ve ages ago.

Skills at work: Critical Observation, Decisiveness, Sensory skills


3. Play a storytelling game with everyone in the house. Choose a game that challenges your imagination like charades. Choose 2-3 genres, a minimum of 3 characters, and a player who will start the story plot. Everyone will contribute until the last player ends the story. It’s a plus if you convince everyone that your added scheme makes sense, no matter how weird.

Skills at work: Communication skills, Listening, Persuasion, Creativity


4. Do two different things at the same time, like watching the news while exercising or listening to podcasts while cleaning the dishes. To put this short: one physical and one mental exercise.

Skills at work: Multitasking, Time Management, Organizational Skills


5. Write a short poem, blog, or a song each day about random objects: birds, anything under the sun. Challenge yourself by writing a haiku, short but with an exact amount of syllables.

Skills at work: Written Communication Skills, Creativity


6. Teach your little brother or sister if you have one. It is always fulfilling to entrust to others what you’ve learned over the years. If you don’t have any siblings, you can find someone else to educate, or you can be the student willing to learn.

Skills at work: Leadership, Listening, Mentoring, Motivating


7. Play old puzzle games. You might still have that Rubik’s cube, Sudoku or crossword book. Try to make your brain function by solving these puzzles.

Skills at work: Logical Thinking, Problem Solving, Critical Observation


If you know more fun or simple ways to practice your skills at home, share this article along with your ideas!