5 Tips to Resign gracefully

01 February 2020 King Santos


Resigning from a job is one of the toughest and stressful things you’ll have to do in your career. It is important not to burn bridges because you don't know where life is going to take you

Here are 5 tips to leave gracefully and professionally:

  1. Let your Boss be the First to know - Do not lose the opportunity of getting your boss to vouch for you as a good future reference from the lack of professional courtesy of letting him know first. Your boss may have valuable advice to offer on your new job.
  2. Submit a formal letter - When you meet with your boss to break the news that you are leaving, have a resignation letter ready. Try to make it simple and factual, not emotional.
  3. Give Notice - Give as much notice as you can as well as offer to help your manager with a transition plan. Your employer will need time to hire a replacement, to delegate your work, and to get a new employee up to speed.
  4. Prepare for Counter-offer - Be prepared for a counteroffer that may be offered to you at the last minute. Always try to go back to your main objective of why you must take the decision to leave in the first place. Will a counteroffer simply be a band-aid for problems that could occur again? Be ready to leave and be happy.
  5. Express gratitude - Take a moment to express your positive feelings to your boss and colleagues for the opportunity to have worked in the company.